Sunday, August 21

Reaping the benefits of the Land

The squash are getting out of control! We are picking at least 2 a night now. The tomatos are starting to turn red, hopefully we will have some ready to eat by mid-week. CA came in last night and said "we a have pumpkin!" weeeeeee! our first one. He's only the size of an apple, but there's still 2 months before Halloween. We also have brocolli, and cauliflower. The cauli is hugh, should be ready for the salad any day. We also have a few cucumbers, very oddly shaped cuks, i might add, but still. It is fun just to look at the garden from the patio. It is bodacious! It is thriving. And it is all ours, grown from seedlings or small plants. I have not checked for the big yellow garden spiders yet, but have seen traces of web, so hopefully i can get a pic of one of them. They are a fascinating as the garden jungle itself.

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