Friday, August 19

Back to Skool

this week, some kids had to go back to school. i don't have kids, but i know this because the bus is now full. then there are the thugs who take up an entire seat by sitting at an angle with their lowride pantshorts hanging to their shins. i had a run in with a "thug" last year who thought he owned his seat. he blasted off some incomprehensible sentence which i translated to, "don't sit next to me, this is my territory, yuppy scum." well, i sat there anyway. it's a public bus, live with it.
so, this is why i do not like school in session. maybe a bit selfish, but i can deal with it in hopes "he" is getting an education.

in other more important news: It's my mom's birthday today. Happy Birthday, Mom. I love you.

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