Monday, June 13

Restroom Critic

I just launched Restroom Critic. It is in it's "beta" stage right now, but the first critique will be posted this week. Look for new postings every week and a podcast in the next few weeks as well. I am very excited about this new venture. Please feel free to suggest a bathroom for critique. If it's a cool design, great. If it is disgustingly ugly, great! If you would never visit it again, great! Any and all suggestions would be helpful. I will post your name if you want after i review it as well.


AllBeehive said...

I think we should have a poop comfort factor rating too. Will the toilet flush ok after a huge beans and cheese meal? And sound proofing of the stalls.

davegannon said...

Thank you for the suggestion, but there will be no poop talk on this site. Gross!

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