Tuesday, May 24


So, today was my first appointment with Physical Therapy.
As i was walking to the docs office, i realized that i get the same feeling every time i go to the doctor... a sense of calm and comfort, almost serenity enlightenment. Why? i think it is because you are going somewhere that may bring an end to your ailment or at least put a finger on what is wrong. The sun seems brighter, the day seems happier, the air is warmer, and my mood always, always goes up. Anyway, i like going to the doctor, i guess. So today, I met with Scott. He was a nice guy. had an earring and seemed physically fit, so that is always a good sign, if you are a PT. he showed me some stretches, strengthening exercises and then he brought out the ultrasound machine. i guess it penetrates into the muscle and heats up and loosens the tense areas. I should be able to tell a difference later today or tomorrow. no mowing or even raking for two weeks. ouch! BUT good news is that i am on the mend and again today feel 85% better than Sunday. Thanks for reading. bye for now. I will be posting some pics of the Pansies christy planted on sunday, and also pre-patio pics. Bye for now.

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