Monday, May 23

On The Mend

well, i awoke this morning to a much better back. I almost feel like a new person. probably more like a 70% person cuz it still is a bit painful to walk a lot, but i have a new lease on life. Funny how what seems like a minute thing can cause such pain and frustration in your life....and to your loved ones, and your coworkers. I go to the Physical Therapist tomorrow morning so hopefully i will gain some instructions and knowledge re: excersise and strengthening for the lower back. My wish list for this week: Do it, mow, and possibly some yard work. We are gearing up for our big BBQ Keggar so we have to get our new patio in soon.


da' hammer said...

Hurry up and get better! I am sure you are frustrated as hell (can I say that on this site?!). I know that it sucks (there I go again) being laid (and once again) up like that.

davegannon said...

thanks Hamms!
yeah, i definitely am on the mend. you sound like you are almost healed as well! congrats on the comeback! damn garden bricks!

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