Monday, April 25

Sore but accomplished

Well, the race went well. I ran with Bill, Jeff, Erica, Amy, Kristin and Colleen. It was a fine day for running. Maybe a bit too chilly, but once the blood started pumping, it got warm. We did not see our exact times but I think I finished in 50 minutes. NOT BAD for a novice. Body is racked today, but I feel every cell in my body and it's good to know you have that many cells! After the race we went over to Amy's house in Wash Park. She had an elaborate spread of food. Turns out we all have another Denver crossover friend. Mark Chapman. Denver is funny that way.

Got a call from my old bandmate Rob Freeman on Friday. It was good to hear his voice and semi get caught up on his life. He has just graduated Flight school in the Army. Scary but he will be going to Iraq to fly helicopters in July. Dude, what happened to long hair, jamming on the bass and drinking Old Mill? Congrats!

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da' hammer said...

Congratulations Dave! I know you could do it. That is a great accomplishment.

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