Saturday, April 30

OK, Let's.....ROCK!

You know that saying "when the cat's away, the mice will play?" well, this Mouse broke out his big Marshall 100 Watt 1/2 stack in the living room ( is it possible to smell cobwebs?), plugged in the Les Paul, and broke in some new strings and songs. I think I scared Gibson. But his namesake was rocking with the Marshall so he couldn't be too upset.

In other news, it is still freakin' snowing...but it's good for the soil. Christy is away in CT right now, so she is missing this yucky mess, but i guess they are getting downpours there as well, in rain form. Will Monday ever come?
In more news, I just got Mac OSX Tiger IT ROCKS! I love the new Mail interface, and the Dashboard is incredible. Now I have weather, a decent weather program, that is, on my desktop at all times.

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