Tuesday, February 15

What Does Valentine's Day mean to you?

How was your heart day?
Was this another "holiday" created for commerce or did it give you a license to give and receive, make up for bad behavior, or just show that special someone that they mean something to you?

What if it means something to one side of the couple, and nothing to the other?
I think single people (mainly women) say they think it is society's way of making more money for retailers. But if they were in a healthy fun relationship, they WOULD enjoy the day. I mean, come on, who wouldn't want an excuse to get flowers, be shown they are loved more, and go out for an expensive dinner?

Another belief, which I almost have to agree with completely, is that IF we are in loving, caring equal relationships, that EVERYDAY we are showering our significant others with love, with the occasional flowers, card, extemporaneous affection, then we wouldn't need this commercial day so that guys can make up for a year of foot-in-the-mouth comments, and women wouldn't wait around hoping that their guy will PULL THROUGH. It all seems to be a big let down no matter which side you are on. Just like New Years Eve, and birthdays. Hmm, I sound bitter. Hmm. Not really. Just observational and reflective.
In any case, just be thoughtful and caring and giving every day and you won't have to worry about "special" days.
Well, I personally like the day, even with the aforementioned paragraph.

This guy has a unique perspective.

XOXO, Dave

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AllBeehive said...

As a taken woman, I still think VD is just another excuse to put money into the economy. Though with all of the hoo haa it certainly is hard not to get caught up in it.

I guess for NOT celebrating we did pretty well. I LOVED my video card and loveland card. Thanks lovey.

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