Wednesday, February 16

A Must-have for iPods

The iPed.
An iPod holder that mimics the professional looking desktop characteristics of the iMac G5 / Cinema Display.

    All metal construction.
    Hard Powder Coat - white or gray
    Sole footing for proper desktop compliancy.



Marco said...

Some new iPod accessories coming soon:

--i-doggie. Using blue tooth technology, let your dog listen along with you. Create Playlists they'll love, including recordings of the neighbors cat or the sounds of a can of food opening.
--i-doctor. Need to see those results of your last cholesterol screening, just plug in the doctor
--i-smell. Keep all your favorite smells available for immediate distribution. Leaving home but want to remember your old man...just plug in the pod.

davegannon said...

hilarious! sorry for the delay!
yeah, right huh. you know soon they will be creating iPets, iPoop, and iKickAssOnMyNeighbor. Glad to see you signed up dude. Let's get together soon. And by getting together, I mean you come here and visit, beeyatch...until i can get there!

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