Monday, October 16

Best Battery-Powered Leaf Blower EVER!

So here is a scene from every day for the past 10 years. "Hey honey, we are having friends over tonight for dinner. Can you clean off the patio?" "Sure I can." So I unravel the spaghetti mess of 40ft of extension cords, and fire up the Toro leaf blower. I sway back and forth, dip and hunker around the outdoor couches, chairs, table legs, decorative rock and other crevices until finally all debris blown safely out of the way, into the yard, leaving a pristine "clean" patio.  Trouble was that I had to wrangle all these cords around, sometimes yanking them until they disconnect, and have to stop what I am doing and plug everything back in. THEN to top this off, we had our backyard redone this summer and added a second patio on the 'back 40'. This just added to the hassle of dragging miles of extension cords 40-60 feet trying to clear the Locust leaves and random pebbles that littered the new patio.  Enter the best, most powerful, battery-powered leaf blower that I could find.  The Earthwise 58 Volt, variable speed, 155 Horsepower blower!

I have tried a few in my journey towards a cord-free existence and this is by far the best, most powerful cordless blower I have used.

Take a look for yourself because I am writing a review that will post to Amazon by the time you read this article.  A few things to note on this cordless leaf blower:
  1. It is super powerful and can blow leaves out of rocks and over rocks.
  2. The charge is long enough to do all of my yard's solid surfaces. I am sure if you wanted to blow leaves into piles you could do that too, but from my experience the battery lasts for all my needs - two patios, two rock walkways, and lower level play/garden areas.
  3. It is a tad bit heavy but that's just because of the battery. I don't find it too heavy or a burden. My petite neighbor uses it and has no issues either - she probably stronger than me.
  4. You will get more than one or two uses out of this before you need to charge, but if you do run out, it charges very fast, within the hour you will be back to blowing stuff!
  5. Price: $159 but totally worth it. It is brick solid, durable and great looking. And did I mention how powerful it is?  I have a Toro corded blower and it is as close to this as any other.

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