Tuesday, June 7

Rogue Roses: 30.365 TeamPhotoBlog

Roses: 30.365 #TeamPhotoBlog by dhgatsby
I know, I know. You are SICK of seeing roses. But here is the story that may make these a bit more interesting. These are not "planned" roses. This is a rogue bush on the side of our house that has been there dormant for three years. Last year we saw a few blooms but this year, WOW! I never water it, or prune it or fertilize. Nothing. BUT the ironic thing is that we have four rose bushes in the back yard that I try to actually care for, prune, kiss, snuggle, and what do we get? NOTHING? yeah, last year was pathetic. SO. This year I am doing my best so we'll see what happens....and guess what, if it DOES work, you might see another rose picture. SO there!

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