Sunday, November 30

Hadley's first snow...fall!

I was so excited to see the fluffy snow on the ground when we rolled into town last night after a 9.5 hour tumultuous drive from Yankton, SD back to Denver....

Then this morning, more new fresh powder was falling. So I excitingly grabbed Hadley, put on her long johns, snow pants, sweater, new puffy pink hoodie vest thingy, and her new snowflake hat compliments of the Padricks. It was snow photo day, yay!!!! errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!
Not so fast Mister Christmas. Hadley was not into it AT ALL! I think she had icicles coming down from her eyes she was so upset.

It could have been that I plopped her in the snow too fast, or her long johns were itchy ( I remember those days), or that maybe she just doesn't like snow as much as her dad.

Sorry Hadders, but we will be doing another photo shoot very soon.

See Flickr for a few more highlights.

1 comment:

Jennifer In Oregon said...

OMG and how will she react to Santa? Courtney was scared to death the first few years! Good luck guys!

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