Monday, September 22

Welcome Fall!

Hello Fall. I've been waiting for you. Now could you please bring on that cool, crisp air, temperatures and brilliant-colored leaf display you so aptly know how to do? Thanks.

As you can see, both Christy and myself have new blog looks. Yes, it took awhile. We kind of skipped Summer but I cannot make excuses other than that she is almost 10 months old and takes a lot of energy.

Anyway, the new headers use a combination of photoshop brushes creatively supplied by Brusheezy, Fly Guy, Design Fruit and the background tile is from where you can customize the icons, colors, size, and texture, plus a little artistic display of myself. I apologize in advance to Hadley for any embarrassment in the future.

I hope to be better about posting, but Twitter has definitely impacted blogging, don't you think?

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