Thursday, September 4

Lots of Lumber. Little Slumber.

I have not been posting, obviously, because of my busy schedule lately. Christy and Hadley have been on vacation in the northeast, so with the house relatively quiet, I thought I would get some much needed sleep, chores done, and do the things one usually can't do with a wife and kid around, such as:

    eat at wendy's
    eat cereal for breakfast, lunch AND dinner
    nap whenever you want
    go to movies on a whim
    ROCK OUT to the worst ( best ) metal and 80's music
    PLAY GUITAR obnoxiously loud
    BUILD a massive storage shelving structure in the garage (photos to come)
    MISS your daughter
    MISS your wife

But as it turns out, I was awake at 3am, 5am and then overslept three days this week. I have not slept soundly at all.

So yes, I was building shelves in the garage. One day I had major help from my buddy Jeff who has all the skills. The next day I worked alone and it was much more work, yet I still managed to accomplish a shelf. Then last night I finished up the most important shelf. The "stereo" shelf. Now the receiver with the Airport Express have a place to all their own.

I wish I had the pics to post but they are still on the camera. I will try to add them tonight.

So in lieu of missing pictures, here is a video the most amazing treehouse.

P.S. Palin's speech was truly full of lies. Come on.

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