Monday, September 29

End of an Era: Honda R.I.P.

Today was quite a day. Let's just say that it didn't go as well towards the middle as it did the beginning and the end.

I was driving home from work tonight and around 11th and York a guy in a big big honkin' suburban ran a stop sign.

I am ok. He is ok. I am going again to the doctor tomorrow to get a check up but for all intents and purposes, I feel fine....right now.

The guy was very nice that ran the light. He immediately pulled over and helped me get my car out of the busy York St. traffic. Both of my airbags in the 1995 civic deployed so I am sure that helped the situation. I had to dig around for my iPhone as it had flown off the seat and onto the ground under the dash.

Mostly I feel aweful for these reasons:

  • It was Christy's pride and joy. She has had this car for over 10 years.

  • It has low miles, ran like a charm AND I had just put a new stereo in it AND just cleaned it from top to bottom.

  • and finally, the economy is tanking, we have no car payments right now but will ultimately end up with one because the guy's insurance company will probably give us a mere blue book value which does not help us out at all.

Go carless?
Get a Prius?
Get a Honda Fit?
Bike more?

Thanks for stopping by.


Jennifer In Oregon said...

I feel your pain. My Honda Accord was stolen from work and totaled about 8 years ago. I loved that car!! It was quiet, ran like a dream and comfy! I am looking at the Prius and Fit myself as I am giving Courtney my car when she goes off to college.

David Herrold said...

Wow, major bummer Dave. I'm glad you're OK. I think the new CIvics are nice looking too (and get the same mileage as the FIt, but are a bit larger).

Anyhow, glad you are alive and able to blog about it.

painterjoy said...

So glad you are okay. It was a great car, but you three will be fine whatever life deals you. This I know.

K*Funk said...

Yikes Dave, how scary!!!! You're lucky nothing worse happened. It's just a car in the grand scheme of things and you are ok! I used to live at 12th and York so that's right by my old apt! It's kind of confusing figuring out the stop-sign scheme around there if you're not from there. I remember my mom following me thru town once and stopping and every street regardless of whether there was actually a stop sign or not! (which is better than running them! sheesh!) Anyway hang in there and good luck with whatever you end up getting. Todd and I got a used Forester when we found out I was preggers and downsized to one car and it's been great.

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