Monday, July 28

Happy Birthday Bloom-4 years old

It was a BLOOM weekend this weekend. Starting on Thursday, my parents were in town and we all went to La Fogata for dinner in celebration of Bloom being four. Then Friday was a day off but Jinnie was busy finalizing Bloom's Saturday Tea for a bunch of youngsters. Then Sunday was the "parents" celebration of Blooms 1460 days on Earth. It was held at the Welliver's house. They have some great friends. Maybe I am missing something but it seems that the outer burbs of Boulder/Lafayette have more young urban couples with kids than do the areas around Denver. It was tons of fun though. I used my iPhone as the iTunes remote for the entire day playing a superb ( if i do say so myself) playlist.

Happy Birthday Bloom!

1 comment:

painterjoy said...

What a cutie sweetie pie.
What a great weekend celebration, and it's always so nice to see the folks when they live away.

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