Monday, July 7

The Flip Ultra Video Camcorder

Today my Flip Ultra Video camcorder arrived. It is sweet. I have only recorded six video snippets so far but I really like the quality and the sound is not too bad.

I chose the Flip Ultra over the new Flip Mino only because of price and the fact that the only major differences were the battery (the Mino has a rechargeable, the Ultra requires two AA batteries ( included ) and the ability to automatically save for YouTube.

What's so great about the Flip Ultra is that it is compact ( think old kodak instamatic ), it is easy to use - one quick push of a button starts the recording, it has a decent zoom for what it is, and it looks cool.

It stores 60 minutes of video on its small hard drive. You just click the flip button on the side and out pops the built-in USB ( think ultra cool flip comb from the 80s). It comes in 5 colors, I chose black, but the orange, green and white are also cool. Not so much digging the pinkish red though.

The software is a little less desirable but after a few tries I figured it out. The only thing confusing me now is how do I change where it saves the video. A quick Spotlight search found the folder - in my Documents folder - and then I was fine.

Also of mention is the Flip tripod- $7 bucks on Amazon. I knew the Flip Ultra was going to be lightweight and thus not deal too well with motion, so I got this handy tripod that you can wrap around poles or banisters. I have yet to try it but I know it will do wonders for self-videos, as well as, little Hadley filmings.

With a baby, dogs, and fast moving lifestyle, this camera fits right in. Look for more video on Flickr.....a lot more.

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Sweet video camera.

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