Sunday, July 13

The first pic with my iPhone

Yep, here's how this weekend went:
Friday around 11:00am my sister and I went to Cherry Creek Mall to the Apple Store to "wait" in line to get iPhones. When we showed up, there were over 250 people in line. The line went from one end of the mall to the other. (My buddy cory was there, he had been since 8:00am- finally got his phone at 3:00pm) We just turned around and went to lunch.

Then that night, my buddy Jason and I left for Park Meadows Mall Apple Store at around 8:45 figuring we had a better chance. We get there and the line looks ok. Turns out there were about 100 people in line. We waited two hours until basically the Apple people came out and said "we are closing the doors in 25 minutes and you guys probably won't get in...." SO, we decided to leave and cut our losses.

Saturday morning came and we had a plan. I would go to the AT&T store on S. Colorado, and he would check out the AT&T in Cherry Creek. We would communicate by our old boring cell phones and decide where to meet up based upon the lines. Well I was up early - as always- and got to the AT&T store at about 9am. I was there for about 20 minutes when one of the workers came out and said, "we only have 4 iphones left and they are all 8GB." THANKS ALOT! So I quickly packed up my camping chair, water, WSJ, and plowed down to Cherry Creek. When I got there, the line was 35 deep. Manageable. So Jason shows up and we wait two hours and presto! 16GB black iPhones! It was worth the wait(s).

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