Monday, May 19

Getting her grown-up on

Hadley is progressing very well. When people ask us how she is doing, I usually say she's about 95%.

But in reality she is only about 85% mostly due to her lack of muscle control in her neck, core, and legs. If you did not know she was more advanced two months ago, you would think she IS 95%-100%.

Christy took H to the physical therapist and they gave us two sheets of exercises to do with her. Some of the 6-month goals she was doing two months ago, like standing with both legs for sometimes even 10 minutes. Not unassisted, but still she had such good leg strength. Now she cannot do this very well. Other milestones are turning over, sitting up unassisted, reaching for toys with opposite hands. Once we show her how to do this, and she does it once, she can do it almost on her own. We are making big leaps and she will be 6 months old in 8 days so we are not stressing. Just excited to see her getting back to her awesome self.

Here she is sitting up on our patio chair yesterday. She loves being outside. Now if I can just get her to hold the weed picker!


painterjoy said...

Holy crap, that is a cute picture. Her expression is just amazing.
Such good news on her progress. I know that no matter how she improves, I am sure it doesn't seem fast enough. But to me, considering what her tiny body went through just a short time ago, it is nothing short of miraculous.

painterjoy said...

Oh, and she looks like Christy to me in this pic. And her skin is so pink and gorgeous, and her hair looks reddish!

K*Funk said...

Hadley's expressions make her look just like her daddy! :)
I'm glad to hear she is doing so well!!! An amazing recovery!!!

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