Saturday, April 26

Home at Last, well, since Thursday at 4:30pm

I have been using Twitter and Flickr to update our status and tell people how much we love them and thank them for all they have done for us over the past few weeks. BUT, I realized that I forget to say some of that on my main blog here, so here we go:

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO: (in no particular order)

  • sent stuff -bears, bees, prayer shawls, edible arrangements

  • stopped by - and stayed for hours or even minutes

  • flew all the way here and provided the MOST enlightening support, stability and comfort

  • took vacay time to relieve us for the afternoon

  • wrote encouraging emails, notes and cards....and blogposts

  • used the TCH email system to send notes

  • made food

  • sent food from afar

  • tried donating sick time./li>
  • brought tons of snacks, goodies and all things comforting

You are all true friends/family and acquaintances.
Here's a cute one for the road!

1 comment:

K*Funk said...

YaaaAAAaaaaaAAAAY!~ I'm so happy you guys finally got to go HOME!!! I'm sure it feels fantastic, and hopefully pretty normal! I'm so happy for you guys......... Virtual hugs!!! I'm going to check out Christy's blog too.

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