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Hello readers.
We need your input.
Here is the scenario/case.

We had a few leaks in our roof last year. But we had a guy fix them. We decided we might need a new roof so we have asked 4 roofers to come give us their opinion on the state of our roof. Repair? or Replace?

1. We had one roofer tell us he would not touch our roof to fix it, but that it needs complete replacement. ($8k)

2. Second roofer came out and said we need an entire new roof , decking and all

3. Third roofer came out and said, "oh no, you do not need new decking just new roofing materials ( shingles ). ($7,800)

4. Fourth roofer came out and got up on the roof with me and said " dave, i'm a roofer, i do 400 rooves a year, and you do not need a new roof." He said the decking is fine, the shingles are ok, with at least 4 more good years left. Possibly some hail damage but he needed to come back to check.

so, here we are at in impasse. what the hell do we do? I say, if a roofer tells you you do not need a roof, then you don't. but does he know what he is talking about? 

it is the slow season. roofers are notorious liars, so i have no idea what to do.

comments PLEASE.


painterjoy said...

One question comes to mind - if the roof is fine, then why the leaks? Could the leaks mean something else is wrong?
How completely frustrating to get all completely different answers and prices. Wish you could get them all together at the same time and then see what they say.

My suggestion is to be tough with them. Say, look I will not replace the whole roof, so what else can you do?

Good luck, and don't let them take advantage of you.

saffry said...

Don't really have any advice, other than to say you're not alone. We had one roofer tell us that we could replace just the front of the house and leave the newer rear half alone. While another roofer told us the whole thing had to be redone. Curiously, the price quote for doing half was more than the quote for doing it all.

Meanwhile, my father has a roofer who's been planning to come "any day now" since April. The trucks actually made it into the driveway a few weeks ago, but there was too much snow to unload the tools so they went away again.

I'm not looking forward to dealing with this any more than you are. Did you get some good references on guy 4 to see if you can trust his opinion on this?

Roofing-studio44 said...

I'm a roofer myself. So here is opinion # 5 from the roofers.It all comes down to trust. If I see a guy doesn't trust me there is a lot less chance of us working to a solution. But here is the thing, if the roofer does the patch thing he probably won't guarantee it. I know I wouldn't. If on the other hand you have the roof replaced for 18,600 that's 620 per year for a 30 year roof. Look what kind of workmanship warranty comes with that. I find it hard to believe the whole deck needs to be replaced though. To have it be that bad you would have to have serious leaks for years.

Now how about this. If you let the roofer repair it for 2480 (does he say what it will cost?) and it lasts 4 years thats also 620 per year. But how bad is the roof? If after a wind storm you have bits of shingles in your yard and small granules and dirt are coming out of your downspouts I would just replace the whole thing. There is times a homeowner wants the roof fixed that the shingles are so brittle that you can't even just replace a few without breaking the others.

Bottom line? Which roofer do you trust? Get references. Go look at his completed projects and talk to satisfied customers.

Good luck

davegannon said...

hi steve, thanks so much for your input. you do make a lot of sense. i found that the $18,600 guy SOUNDED so trustworthy and honest that we wanted to use him right away but then found out he was basically lying to us. I will follow your advice and go with trust. But like I said, we know nothing about roofs and the procedures so we have to only go by our gut and trust what they are saying is true.

vivavavoom said...

Hire Steve!!!

davegannon said...

Viva! YES< i WOULD hire steve the more i think about it, but he lives in PA. if i paid for gas, i wonder if he'd come to CO? thanks for joining the talk.

K*Funk said...

I would go with #4, of course! It's the cheapest option! :)
I guess it sort of depends on how long you're going to live there, but I think something like that can always be repaired -- no need to replace.
Btw CUTE pictures of Hadley!!! Maybe someday our babies will meet!ytttttjjjjjjjjjjjj

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