Friday, January 25

What are YOU going to do with the $600?

I have mixed feelings about this checks we are going to receive from the GOVT this June.
1- it's too late to "stimulate" the economy back out of a recession
2- is this REALLY going to help?
3- aren't we in enough debt the way it is?
4- this now shows that my household combined income is less that $175K a year.
5- i understand that some need it more than others, but wouldn't it be better to see this money allocated towards education in our country?
6- oh what the hell, i will now get to go out and get the geek gadgetry i have been holding off on....and something for hadley.


saffry said...

Are you at least going to buy domestically made geek gadgetry?

I don't see the point either, especially since we're not going to be cutting anything from the budget, like, say DEFENSE spending, to pay for this.

For now I'm just looking forward to the big, juicy tax refund I get for having two kids.

painterjoy said...

I cannot remember that last time I got a refund. If Mark realized that his usual big fat refund now goes to pay what I owe, he probably would have thought twice about marriage to an freelance artist!

davegannon said...

after giving this some more thought and running it around the office, it seems the best thing to do with this useless/unavoidable check is the:
a) pay off your credit card
b) put it towards your house payment
c) put it in your highest earning savings account.

we are not "spending" ours. but if i were to, i would use it on an new laptop. but i am not gonna.

K*Funk said...

I am voting for "pay off your credit card," as boring as that is. Those credit card companies are getting too much of our @#$! money as it is!
OK that was my vent. :)
How's Baby? I wanna see another Hadley post. :)

Unknown said...

Burn it.

I see a few hundred people on the capitol step with checks and lighters in hand. A brief speech and then dozens of clicks.


This horribly corrupt and soulless administration hopes to buy us - throw a few dollars at us so we stop thinking about how fucked up things are. A feeble bribe which, sadly, most will take thinking the government is, you know, hookin' them up.

Not to mention, this money is borrowed money on which we will have to pay the interest.

Set it on fire.
Prove you can't be bought.

Hey, Dave! This is Christopher Smith. We worked at Cheap Tickets together. What's up?

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