Friday, January 4

Sick - New Site

Happy New Year everyone.

We are all sick. Even baby Hadley is sick.
But here is my observation on this (from

While visiting us for Christmas, my FIL was sick for three days. We must have caught it from him. I am not blaming him, but it's sort of obvious that this was going to happen, combined with loss of sleep - which happens when you have a 5-week old.
Christy is sick too. Tica even has a cough.

So I guess by now you can see that I started 5280 Dad. Please take a look. It will be going through some transformations in the coming weeks but for now I just wanted to get it going since every day something new happens with Hadley. I hope I can make a difference in other Dad's lives. Maybe just provide some insight and also pass on news and product info I have found while researching the best and safest products for our baby girl.

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painterjoy said...

I am so sorry to hear you are all sick! Hope you are all better soon!

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