Tuesday, December 18

The Holiday

Not to be confused with Holiday Inn, The Holiday is a recent submission into the "this will be a holiday classic for years to come" category.

This is my Sixth favorite holiday movie

There are many inspiring events in this movie, from the old screenwriter neighbor that befriends, or is befriended, by Kate Winslet's character to the cozy, fun scenes in the small English town where Cameron Diaz's character spends her holiday. Jude Law plays a good-hearted, edgy father-type looking for love with two small girls at home. Jack Black even has some good lines that show a softer side. For a movie with LA (ie: sun, no snow and no christmas trees) I think this movie is a keeper for the holiday stack.

What Amazon said:
As a pleasant dose of holiday cheer, The Holiday is a lovable love story with all the Christmas trimmings. In the capable hands of writer-director Nancy Meyers (making her first romantic comedy since Something's Gotta Give), it all begins when two successful yet unhappy women connect through a home-swapping website, and decide to trade houses for the Christmas holiday in a mutual effort to forget their man troubles. Iris (Kate Winslet) is a London-based journalist who lives in a picture-postcard cottage in Surrey, and Amanda (Cameron Diaz) owns a movie-trailer production company (leading her to cutely imagine most of her life as a "coming attraction") and lives in a posh mansion in Beverly Hills. Iris is heartbroken from unrequited love with a cad of a colleague (Rufus Sewell), and Amanda has just broken up with her cheating boyfriend (Edward Burns), so their home-swapping offers mutual downtime to reassess their love lives. This being a Nancy Meyers movie (where everything is fabulously decorated and romantic wish-fulfillment is virtually guaranteed), Amanda hooks up with Iris's charming brother Graham (Jude Law), and Iris is unexpectedly smitten with Miles (Jack Black), a super-nice film composer on the downside of a failing relationship. --Jeff Shannon

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