Thursday, December 20

Grumpy Old Men

Grumpy Old Men is my eighth favorite holiday movie.

This movie is somewhat of a classic already. Not one of those "oh-wow, i-have-never-heard-of-this-movie-before" movies. There are no major surprises in this feel-good film about two old codgers dealing with aging, hot neighbor women, their families, and fishing. I love this feel good film for many reasons. It is funny. It has foot after foot of snow, Jack Lemon and Walter Mathau are genius, the out-takes are hilarious, Ann Margaret shines and the message it sends is timeless.

Amazon says: and I agree.
a pair of elderly bachelors whose lifelong friendship is based on mutual aggravation and constant bickering. Their competitive natures kick into overdrive when the beautiful Ariel (Ann-Margret) moves into their otherwise snowbound Minnesota neighborhood. She takes a liking to John, but after a lover's spat she also gives Max a chance at romance, and the long-time buddies reach a peak of grumpy rivalry. It's a stretch to think that Ann-Margret's dating choices would be limited to a pair of grouchy codgers, but sarcastic attitude and snappy dialogue made this a surprise hit (followed by a 1995 sequel), and Burgess Meredith adds plenty of spice as Lemmon's amorous old father. Don't forget to watch the hilarious outtakes during the closing credits! --Jeff Shannon

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