Monday, December 3

Fatherhood. Part 1.

Pictures, pictures, pictures, and some crying.
We, obviously have been taking quite a few pictures. Christy took some today cuz I was feeling left out and that we wouldn't have any early baby pics of me with Hadley, so here are a few.

Also, the emotions are amazing. Every time she would do anything, look at me, sleep, or the furnace would turn on, I would break out in a fit of crying. Christy would come over and just rub my back. It was awesome.

I also cooked more yesterday than I have in my entire life. I fixed these veggie burritos - black beans, sauteed onions, tomatoes, and cheese ( the best tasting ones ever!), and a big vat of chili. We will now eat for a good day and a half. Send food!

Ok, this is brief but we are nursing and I need to run rub backs, fill water bottles, and then watch TV- for the first time in 5 days.

Hope everyone is having a good December. Did you hang lights? Send pics.


cyn said...

I'd bring food, but my dad and brother are here eating it all. get 'take out' as often as possible. I'll bring you dinner next week!

Display Name Here said...

Hadley August seems animated and tiny when compared to your hand.
I'll bring the video camera and take a lot of video of the cutest baby ever in the world.

jemangepdx said...

Mmmm...the burritos sound tasty!

Great pictures! :)

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