Tuesday, December 11

Baby Hadley is doing great - 2 weeks old

It is snowing outside like mad. It's supposed to snow all day. It's the pretty snow too. Not too heavy, but light, fluffy and consistent.

Hadley goes in for her two-week checkup today. We are excited to see how much weight she has gained. Her jaundice has subsided- in my mind, anyway. We think she has outgrown it. She is adorable. We just took some Christmas photos last night but someone wasn't in the mood to have a lense shoved in her face. We settled on one cuz I have to get them to the printer today.

She loves Christmas lights, shows attention to movements and sounds, and does the cutest puckering face I have ever seen.

Happy Holidays.

1 comment:

painterjoy said...

Ohhhh, my dear God. What a gorgeous picture! I cannot wait to meet the little beauty!

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