Friday, December 21

The 12 Days of Christmas Eve

Welcome readers. Thanks for staying with me as I make a choppy attempt to outline my 12 All-Time Favorite Holiday Movies.
Today we explore my Ninth favorite. The Twelve Days of Christmas Eve

This is a cute little film not to be taken seriously, for if you do, you will dislike it.

Again there is a small story that surrounds why I like this movie. It was Dec. 2006 and I had woken up early, like 5:45am on a Saturday. I tried to do a little freelance but just wasn't awake enough. So I made a pot of coffee and decided to go through my DVDs. The previous year around the same time I had been at Best Buy and found this DVD on the shelves called "The 12 Days of Christmas Eve" and thought, that looks really bad. Must be one of those After-school special DVDs or a movie that never made it to the big screen. On the cover was Molly Shannon and Steven Weber ( of Wings and Studio 60). So I decided NOT to get it but rather Netflix it. To my surprise, Netflix didn't even carry it. So a year passed and I got on the trail of the movie again but could not remember the name....bla bla bla, I found it on Amazon and bought it. So anyway, It was an overcast morning, at 5:30am and just the perfect setting to watch this movie. I guess I better tell you a little about it.

Steven Weber plays Calvin Carter (which by the way, I grew up with a guy by the same name, but certainly not the same achiever), a successful business executive, has it all, but neglects those closest to him. On Christmas Eve, all that changes when the sign on his office building falls and takes him out. He awakens in a hospital bed, attended to by Angie (Molly Shannon), a nurse who tells him he has 12 days (12 chances) to get his act together and achieve the PERFECT Christmas Eve. If he doesn't, he will, well, stay dead. MANY movies try this same story but do not make it work. This one does.

Here's what one reviewer said:

"Sometimes you find a diamond"
This was a wonderful movie. Not only was it heartwarming but it illustrated a gospel point better than any other movie I have ever seen. Jesus said "You must lose your life to save it." and this is the lesson Calvin learns. When he stops trying to manipulate the situation and just does what is right (another gospel point), he abandons himself to just enjoying the time he has with his family. Noboby ever lies on their death bed and says "gee I wish I had taken my family business public!" or "nice family, but I'm really bummed about that business failing 30 years back." Watch this movie and get your priorities straight."

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painterjoy said...

You're awesome! You keep giving me new movies to watch!
Funny thing... I was talking to my friend Laurel yesterday, and she told me she had just finished watching a great movie called The Family Stone! Weee-yerd. I had never heard of that movie before.

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