Monday, November 26

Houston, we are at the hospital

Monday, 11.26.07 8:07pm
Christy's water broke, POSITIVELY this time, at around 4:45 today. We just got here and were admitted into our fancy, schmancy birthing room. This place is like a hotel. Big tub, tile, wood floors, and a DVD player/TV, cd/mp3 player, wireless internet, and wet bar.
I just got back from loading all of our stuff into the room from the car. I am sitting here on the "dad" bed right next to my lovely pregnant wife who is going through small contractions about 5-6 minutes apart and 1 minute long.

I really cannot believe I am in the delivery room blogging, but this is 2007. I will be writing when I can and when I am not coaching her through bigger zonkers.

Here we go!

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cyn said...

doggies and kids send their love!
much love, the P's

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