Sunday, November 25

Happy "almost" 40th B-day Party

Christy, god bless her, in her 8.5-month pregnant state, threw me a birthday dinner at 17th Avenue Grill with 6 of our good friends and family. So we are having dinner at a place which I have celebrated my birthday the past 8 years, and then the talk around the table came to "where should we go afterwards...?" They ended up saying we should just to to the Uptown Tavern down the block. I accepted even though I think it is a big stinky smokey meat market, which it was the last time I was there three years ago. Anyway we walk in and I can't find Jeff and Cynthia so ask Christy where they are. She points to the back room. Do you see where this is going? I sure didn't. So we walk past all of these stinky people watching a football game and into this intimate low-lit room and BAM! SURPRISE! I see Jason and was just thinking "Why wasn't he at dinner with us?" and then I see Holly and Bruce. It was awesome. Completely surprised me. We played pool, drank and chatted. Good times. Here are a few pics.
Thanks lovee for the great night.

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painterjoy said...

Happy Birthday, Dave! You handsome devil!
I love that shot of you and Christy!

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