Tuesday, November 13

Hanging Lights: Part Two

As I was prepping all the lights - (i.e) stringing them out on the lawn to warm up and uncurl, I decided to grab a few photos of the dogs playing, and well, me playing as well.
I am running the lights along the full roof line of the house. It was an obvious decision given the roof angle and proximity to the ground and the street. I hung icicle lights, even though I am sort of opposed to them given their proliferation on everyone's houses these days, but it works best for the house now. Out back, we are going to hang these big colorful round bulbs that I had used for the past three years on the back patio at the old house. While out back "warming" the light chords, I got this shot.


K*Funk said...

I love big Christmas lights!!

Hey if you send me your email address, I'll send you some more belly pics so you can see "me: only bigger!" Haven't been posting them all on my blog... :)
Here's my email but don't post it!

Molly said...

You should submit that pic for a contest of some kind... it rocks!

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