Friday, November 9

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Yes, I have not posted in 8 days. I apologize. I have just been extremely busy with freelance and baby stuff. I have again been awarded two more high-profile websites to build, all within 30 days. Since this is crunch time - preparing the house for Baby G to arrive, in exactly 30 days- and finishing up all these loose ends on the sites, I have not had much time to post.
Christy had the baby shower this past Sunday and her mom and aunt were in town.

Girls are not the only ones that get baby showers, as proven by my most thoughtful coworkers last week. The Monday after our housewarming party, they had decorated the entire office with baby balloons, streamers, and signs. A surprise breakfast followed with a bunch of gifts, including the car seat we had on our registry. So many fun gifts and cards. THANK YOU GUYS SO MUCH!

The baby's room is ready with the exception of a rug and rocking chair, which we hope to find this weekend.

Also, in the next month I am starting a new website called 5280 Dad. This site will be dedicated to new dads. I am sort of anal when it comes to cleanliness, design, clothes, safety and scents, so I thought maybe with all my research I could help guys like me deal and share ideas and stories. I will post when the site has launched.

Thanks for being patient and happy fall!


xaraboo said...

Awww! I wish I could have been there.

K*Funk said...

That is so cute that your coworkers threw you a baby shower!!! Awwww, you look totally into it too! I think Todd is still in his shy-of-all-things-baby mode.... it will take a while..... :)
Good luck to you guys in the next month!!!

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