Thursday, October 25

Holy Crap: 45 days.

I have had this little Desktop Widget on my computer since the conception. Each day I check. But today it really hit me.
I am not scared or nervous. Actually completely excited and eager. We both are. It has gone by so fast. Of course, I have not been uncomfortable every day carrying around a 4.5 pound pumpkin on my waistband.


K*Funk said...

Wow I can't believe you are only 45 days away from having a BABY!!! That's great! I know what you mean, about just being excited more than nervous... I am excited when I hear about other people having their babies cause I'm like: "phew! can't wait for that feeling!!!"

saffry said...

Since the conception?!? Did you hop right out of bed to set it up? True sign of a tech geek.

davegannon said...

yep, saffry, i just found this Widget and you type in the dates of conception and voila! you have a countdown!

i have no idea what has happened, NOT that it's a bad thing, but probably not a GUY thing to admit, but I am so emotional when we talk about the baby or when I think about her coming in less than two months. I cannot wait to meet her and play with her and show her new things and teach her. I just get teary every time.

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