Friday, September 28

A sign of the Times. WSJ loses writers due to Murdoch?

Tara Parker-Pope quit the Wall Street Journal

Every Tuesday for the past two years, I have looked forward to a column called Health Journal. It was written by Ms. Pope. Not just written, but written well, diplomatically, and interesting. Health issues can often be boring, but she made each one worth reading and highly informative on subjects ranging from How to grill your steaks to avoid caustic chemicals, How to choose your male-enhancement pills - or why there is NOT such a thing... etc.

Well, three weeks ago in her column, she quietly acknowledged that this would be her final writings for the WSJ. No mention of why or where she was going...which, is the professional thing to do. But, I had to find out why.

Given the recent purchase of Dow Jones by Rupert Murdoch, I assumed it might just have something to do with this...and I am almost certain to be correct given a recent Google search and article in Slate.

It seems that the exodus of quality editors and columnists has already started. And now, given that Ms. Parker-Pope has gone on to the New York Times, I will have to think about resubscribing to that wonderful paper.

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