Saturday, September 22

Exposing inUtero culture to our Daughter

First Spamalot, then Guster.
The exposing of culture to our unborn daughter continued two-fold this past week. First, we attended the play Spamalot at the Buell Theatre, and then last night, the Guster concert at the Fillmore. Both were excellent. And as usual, my 6+ month pregnant wife outlasted me. Go girl.

Are there any Monty Python fans out there? Did you watch the Flying Circus on Saturday evenings after SNL? I am pretty sure that is when they were on PBS when I was just a kid. Great comedy.

And how about Guster? Do you remember them? Well, I first came across them on Nantucket Island in 1996. The summer of 1996 to be exact. I remember well the long days of our Tuesday deadline for the Beacon. We would have to have the paper out the door to the airport to be flown over to the mainland to be printed by 8:00pm. We made it almost every time. Anyway, we would rush the paper out the door, and then head to one of two bars that had bands. The Muse. THAT is the name of the bar. I am not even sure it is still there - after a google search rendered a bad link. But that is the place. Remember? Of course you do! Guster played there, maybe twice. But ever since, I could not get enough of Airport Song or Barrel of a Gun. Great songs. Then I saw them about 4 years ago at the Winter Park Rockfest. I highly recommend checking them out.

There is still much debate about how much an unborn baby can hear or retain in the womb, but I do not want to miss any chance to share with here good music and culture. I am sure now that our daughter will have my taste in music, and will always look on the bright side of life.

Fav. songs ( they also have a new album out which really kicks butt)

Airport Song
Barrel of a Gun
What You Wish For
One Man Wrecking Machine

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saffry said...

I found a blog the other day that I thought you'd like, and this post about British Comedy is as good a place as any to put it.

It's Stephen Fry's blog, (Jeeves, Melchett,) and the first post is a gigantic love note to Apple. Enjoy.

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