Wednesday, September 5

Another reason to love Apple, and Starbucks

FOUR New ipods!

New iPod Touch! - looks like iPhone. 3.5" screen, flip views, AMAZING!
New ipods (renamed iPod Classic): 80GB ($249) and 160GB ($349)
New shuffles: different colors, same storage and size
New and improved iPod Nano: Shorter, fatter, half of unit is color screen with video.


They killed off the 4GB iPhone - Just the 8GB iPhone now for $399! $200 price drop.

Jason Chen of Gizmodo says:

More info: Exclusive with iTunes, no login required, completely free access ot the iTunes Wi-Fi Music Store while at Starbucks (wow, free access to a STORE? thanks!).

Their rollout starts October 2nd, starting NY and Seattle. 600 Stores, following up with San Francisco’s 350 stores in November, nothing in Christmas, and starts again in February ‘08 with LA (600 stores), and March ‘08 in Chicago. After these, that’s 25% of the Wi-Fi stores. In ‘09, they hope to have all Wi-Fi enabled stores online.

Starbucks CEO/Chairman/Whatever is up on stage, talking about coffee and how they’re expanding into entetainment and music. “Starbucks has become this third place, between home and work”. No word yet on whether the Wi-Fi downloading will be free. It will, ok they just said that it’s free, and you’ll have free access to iTunes. He says it will drive incremental traffic to his stores, and discover music inside stores.

Starbucks integration: When you get near a Starbucks location, you’ll get a Starbucks icon in iTunes Store. You can buy songs that are playing over the Starbucks music selection, and you can even look at the last 10 songs that’s been played and buy the songs there.

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