Thursday, August 9

Living in the Limelight....RUSH!

My coworker Michael (ie. the biggest Rush fan, ever!) went to see Rush at Red Rocks Wednesday night. And yes, they did the South Park intro close to the end, which was amazingly creative. But, why am I just writing about it now? Well, cuz I am an old fart who worked a full 8.25 hour day, ate at Wendy's which is totally out of the normal food chain for me these days, drank a few beers and was out past midnight on a school night. Rush ruled. But they also kicked my ass. When I got to work yesterday, my boss said to me "so dave, how was it?" and the first words out of my mouth were "loud." That's right, I said loud. Can you believe it? He was the one that really called attention to it. I called one of the best, most talented band, loud, when I could have said "they played with such musicianship and energy, it might as well have been 1982." Well, anyway, the show rocked. They played for over three hours, with a brief intermission because "they are of advanced age." We respected that because it just gave us old foggies a reason to sit down and ease our achy legs. Of all the 28 songs they played, I only did not recognize 3 songs. Not bad. I swear I have never seen so much air drumming and air guitaring going on in one spot at one time. My buddy Michael was playing every note perfectly. Yesterday he said his arms were even sore from all the "playing." He even plays drums in real life.

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RED-I said...

Hate to break the news, Gan-o.

Fatherhoon=Very very few concerns/late nights out drinkin beers. Should you rename the countdown????

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