Monday, August 27

Like stop like saying like: The Valley adverb

This like epidemic is like sweeping the nation, like. And is like driving me freaking crazy.
Just listen to these people trying to speak a complete sentence. It is just depressing. Just like listening to anyone, in your like office, like can you just speak without saying like?

Here is a challenge. Try having one conversation without using this overused adverb like between words. It is really hard to do, but even harder to listen to. Christy and I are challenging each other to stop saying it. Not it, but Like. If you focus on someone else talking who uses it a lot, it like drives you like, crazy!

So, let's fine-tune our vocabulary, people and talk like adults instead of high schoolers.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Bravo to you guys for taking on this challenge!

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