Wednesday, August 15

It's Here. And it's Spectacular

Our brand new Sharp 42" LCD HDTV arrived yesterday.
It took all of 5 minutes to set up, then another 5-10 refining the colors, and other random settings.
My eyes actually hurt after watching it for 5 minutes. I think due to the non-HD channels.
I put on Fletch through our crappy DVD player and it didn't look too bad. I cannot wait for more regular HD channels though.

Christy was so thoughtful for our anniversary. She got me an HD-DVD version of 40 Year Old Virgin. I commend her on her thoughtfulness but we do not own an HD-DVD player so the movie will sit on the shelf until we get one.
I guess I need to do a better job of educating her on what the technologies are, but then again, I didn't think she ever listened to me when I geek-ed out about that type of thing.


Cory Grunkemeyer said...

When I got my HDTV, my regular DVD player (hooked up via RCA cables) looked like crap. When I ran it through my Xbox 360 (via the component HD cables) it looked great.

The Hegs said...

***sniff**** It's beautiful!!! Congratulations!!!

(This is jon hegel in case "The Hegs" is too vague.)

Display Name Here said...

I am very very jelous.

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