Monday, August 20

Caffeine: Trying to cut back on this drug

Over the past two weeks, I have been trying to cut back on my intake of coffee. This is extremely hard given that I usually ingest two grande americanos or the equivalent of that in regular drip coffee per day.

I have been having trouble concentrating, not sleeping as well as I used to, and lately have experienced this metallic taste on the back/roof of my mouth. So I thought I would try to drop coffee from my morning routine. That is MUCH more difficult that I thought. First, I know that going cold turkey from caffeine will cause the same feeling as someone banging a hammer on both sides of my temples for hours at at time. Second, I enjoy "treating" myself to this ever-so-lovely liquid each morning as a reward for going to work, day after day.

Over the years, when I freelanced from home, I would either meet my other designer friends at Einsteins for breakfast/coffee, or I would make a pot at home. I do not recall ever NEEDING coffee like I do now though. I used to use coffee as a social outlet. I loved just meeting friends for coffee, or going with my girlfriends there to just hang out. But since taking permanent work for the past three years, I have become addicted to coffee. I have not only become addicted to the coffee itself, but more addicted to the habit of getting off the bus or train, stopping into our building's Starbucks, and hearing "Morning, Dave - the usual?" Now THAT is addictive. Having someone acknowledge that they know you, and your drink. How awesome is that?

Well, I am now down to half calf. One a day. It seems to be working just fine, but I still now have the craving to keep drinking coffee. Did I mention decaf comes with it's own problems? I have this head buzz thing, and if you know me, you know what I am talking about. Well, that is caused by decaf. I do know that much. So, once I ween myself from caffeine, I am going to just drop decaf alltogether and limit myself to just one coffee a week. Then use Tea in it's place. Usually tea is less fulfilling than any coffee. I have found a tea that keeps it's promise and fills me up. It is Rooibos. It is a Red Tea that is similar to black tea. It has a earthy, fruity, slight vanilla taste that I have come to crave. Drop in some honey, and you are set to go. But, alas, all this talk of tea just makes me crave another grande americano. Thank god my 'Bucks card just ran out.

If you are interested in knowing more about the effects of coffee,a good source of information is located here.


AllBeehive said...

It's hard to give up because it just tastes so yummy.

Display Name Here said...

If you are cutting back on coffee you won't have to live in the bathroom

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