Wednesday, June 27

Timing is Everything

About two years ago, i got myself a christmas present. a new watch. I did some research and decided on the Timex Ironman Triathalon watch.
i was just getting into running and thought it would be nice to get hooked up with a watch that monitored my heart rate, as well as, keep tabs on my running times.

as it turns out, i use this watch for much more than a heart rate monitor. actually i have never used it for monitoring my heart rate. but i can tell you how long it takes to get from our old house to our new house. or from our new house to the Home Depot on Colorado Blvd. or from our house to Coors Field.
I can also tell you how long it takes to wait for the elevator at work, get downstairs, catch the shuttle to the lightrail and end up at my car.

it's becoming a sickness. I time how long i water each tree. I time my burgers on the grill, and the time it takes from when Christy calls and says she is on her way home until she walks in the door.

also, off the subject of timing, i have taken to using the odometer to find out distances from our new house to everywhere. we are 1.25 miles from a King Soupers, and only .24 miles from a Safeway. We are 3 miles from the closest Home Depot and 8.2 miles from our old house. Sometimes I can even time and check distance, but with traffic it varies too much for my liking.

i guess it's time I check the time of how long it took me to waste time writing this post.

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