Friday, June 22

Certifying our backyard

A few weeks ago, I was reading a story about certifying your backyard by getting it "wildlife approved" by the National Wildlife Federation.

This certification basically says that you are thinking about the environment and how it affects the birds, plants, and other animals in your area. I loved the idea and since we have a blank canvas of a backyard right now, I decided we are going to do all we can to help nature and it's needs. I first am starting by putting in some trees with fruit. Fruit that birds like to eat. Also by planting trees, you provide shelter for our feathered friends, and our favorite backyard rodent, the squirrel.

I also am looking for just the right water feature. I want to get a cement bird bath for starters and then eventually add a water recycling fountain. Birds and squirrels have to drink too.

I planted an Ash tree in the front yard in hopes of shading our house -in 10 years - that gets nailed by the sun in the afternoon. After pulling my back out a bit, I waited two days before planting a Service Berry and a Red Bud in the backyard. The Service Berry provides fruit for the birdies and will grow somewhat fast while adding shade to our much-needed open space. Thankfully our neighbors have lots of trees that add shade to both ends of our yard but the middle is being hit hard with the sun.

The Red Bud is a gorgeous "little" tree. It will produce colorful flowers and a delightful smell. I say "little" because in 15 years it will reach it's adult height of 25 feet.

Here are a few pics. Also, Christy has done a fantastic job of planting flowers again this year.

Red Bud - Flowers and smells good.

Service Berry - Provides fruit for birds and gets tall


saffry said...

Everything is looking really great! I think someone in town got the Wildlife Certification, but he's using it as an excuse not to mow his lawn. Ever.

Your plan looks much nicer. I stopped by the landscape shop today too. I need to buy a shade tree for the backyard while I wait for our Arbor Tree Foundation sticks to get bigger.

Molly said...

I am just so baffled by people who enjoy working in their yards... please explain this to me. I, myself, have a weed in my back yard that is--I kid you not--the size of a small tree. I'm hoping to get up early tomorrow to do some work back there before it gets too hot, but somehow I'm thinking that staying asleep in my bed with my swamp cooler blowing is going to be more enticing...

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