Tuesday, May 22

Price of oil is down, so why is gas so spendy?

I do not want to be one of those Americans that says "man, let's stop going to gas stations today and boycott high gas prices." I am also not the guy that says "dude, I am so over these prices, we should be able to fill our humongous SUVs with Super Plus Unleaded Gold and not have to empty our trust funds to do it!"

BUT when oil is cheaper now than in 1981 an the oil companies are getting richer, that is a problem.

from a MoveOn.org email but also on CNN's homepage today.

As of yesterday, gas prices are the highest in U.S. history—we just passed the 1981 record, even adjusted for inflation.1 Prices could reach $4.00 per gallon in parts of the country, just in time to crimp summer vacation plans. As consumers suffer, the oil industry continues to reap the windfall—breaking profit records on an almost quarterly basis. It's outrageous!

Enough is enough. Hearings start today on H.R. 1252, a House bill that would make gas price gouging a federal crime, punishable by 10 years in prison. Speaker Pelosi has said she'll move the bill to a vote this week—if there's the two-thirds majority required to fast track the bill through the process.2

Oil company lobbyists are frantically trying to stop the bill. Your representative needs to hear from you today. Will you sign our petition asking Congress to pass the price-gouging bill—and then send it to your friends?

"Gasoline price gouging should be made a federal crime before the summer price increases hurt more American families."

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