Wednesday, May 9

I just don't know what to do with myself

Hello readers,
Well, it has been a busy week. We moved this past Friday. What fun! We are in, we are getting settled, the kitchen is upacked and semi-dysfunctional, and the yard has been mowed. I only have one piece of advice if you are moving in the Denver area. Do NOT use the movers we used.

After the euphoria of moving into a new lovely home has begun to wear off, I find myself reflecting and comparing old to new.

You know how when you have something, you always think you will be happier or things will be better if you had something else?
Well, here are a few recent changes in my life that represent that I need to change the way I perceive and think about current stages and things in my life.

1. Riding the bus
    I used to complain about the bus all the time. The smell, the language, the noise, and the pop-capping. I couldn't wait to get on the light rail to enjoy solace, peace and quiet and a more smooth ride. Well, today, was my second day on the light rail and here is what I witnessed: Someone, obviously from Highlands Ranch, listening to one ear bud and his girlfriend had the other in her ear. He had it so loud, obviously mega-cheezmo metal, that I could almost air guitar and drum the entire song, but didn't have to because he was doing just fine himself.

    Yesterday, the train was so crowded, I had to stand the entire 26 minute trip.

    I miss the bus...for now.

2. Bigger house
    For three years, we have been living in 840 sq. ft. The Kitchen was a galley style and could not fit two butts abutting each other without sucking in. I was scared to be in there for fear of being stabbed innocently when Christy was dicing dinner.

    Now, we have this ginormous kitchen. Enough room to have a dance party or hey, even a break-dancing contest. The trouble with this kitchen is that it is not laid our correctly. It is one big square. Some of the cabinets open the wrong way, preventing you from easily emptying the dishwasher into the cabinets. Our old toothpick of a kitchen, despite it's size, was quite efficient. OR maybe because of it's size we made it that way. AND possibly once we get used to our new acre of a kitchen, we will find the perfect workflow based upon usage.

3. Neighbors
    Ok, our neighbors are swell...for now, until I wire up the outdoor speakers.

4. Nicer car
    You never like the car you have. Or at least I don't. I have to wait for people to tell me I should like my car. I miss my Toyotas though. A lot. The Volvo is grand in safety and styling, but it rides like a tank, or better yet, a steel-wheeled covered wagon. I thought before I got my Volvo, that What could be better? I need a new wagon, for style and safety. I loved Toyota but really didn't want another sedan. Now I have this and wish I had the old Toy back.

Yes, this is a glorified whiny bitchfest and I am sorry. I have no reason to complain given the fortunate life I have. Obviously, I do not take change well. I love change, but it is always hard. I am sure in a few months, I will not be able to fathom HOW we ever lived without the dance-floor kitchen or the ease of riding the light rail. I love our new house, the backyard is amazing, we have neighbors dropping by with flowers and namecards, and I have more bathrooms to clean than anyone could possibly ask for! Now if the dogs would stop marking the house, we'd be all set. Spare me!


Molly said...

So, why will the Volvo's safety "be coming in extra handy later this year"---something you and the missus wanna tell us? ;)

saffry said...

Heh, that's the same question I wanted to ask.

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