Wednesday, May 16

Crying like a little Rory.

Last night Gilmore Girls finished up a 7-year run. The series finale ended pretty much the way the the series started but also the way the last season has been. We all knew that Lorelai and Christopher would never get back together, but we surely thought that Rory and Logan would make it. Both did not happen. You can check all the GG blogs out there and they will most likely be reiterating what I could say here so I will focus on what was going on in our family room last night while we tuned in to the show. I found myself full of tears. I cannot describe it or comprehend it, only that I guess I was severely attached to the characters.

I think what caught me (us) off guard was that the series finale came rather quickly and was only announced two weeks prior to the end. As empty as we all felt when Seinfeld ended, we all were prepared, and one of our clients planned and threw a "Seinfeld Finale" party complete with big-screen tv ( and back in 1998, that was an anomaly), food from the show, and everyone dressed as their favorite main or bit character. We had time to prepare to mourn. And with Friends. They advertised the finale season all season long. They milked the end. We had time to prepare to say goodbye. Like knowing our friends are moving to a new city, or seeing your dog sitting between your parents backing out of the driveway to be pet sat for the next two weeks, you have prepared yourself for the emptiness that will follow.

But this show was different. We had seasons that you could not get enough of and watched over and over. You had one season that you looked at each other and said, "oh yeah, GG just jumped the Shark," but then they came back. This past season was love/hate. We knew that Lorelai and Christopher were meant to be together, but they catered to the love-messed-up with Lorelai and Luke. The two were never meant to be together and the writers knew it too, but kept taunting us with it. Finally when Christopher marries Lorelai you thought, FINALLY this is realistic...for TV show. But when Christopher's jealousy prompts him to leave, you think, "what a puss" and this is NOT realistic. I could go on and on, but the fact remains that even though we were all fed up with this season, we really did not want to see it go. This could be proven by watching me sob during the last 10 minutes and the 10 minutes afterwards while Christy and I were trying to make sense of why what happened did. We will miss you Lorelai, Rory, Richard, Emily, Paris, Kirk, Lane, and ok, Luke and Christopher. I will even miss Sebastian Bach's semi-regular appearances.

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Ivy :: Fusionbox said...

My brother-in-law was a writer for Gilmore Girls for many years. I don't watch it myself, but I always wondered how he captured the characters so well.

saffry said...

Personally, I'm still waiting for Rory to get together with Naked Marty.

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