Thursday, April 19

Relocating Parks

We are moving about 8 miles from our current house. We are moving south and a tiny bit east of our current house.
With the move comes change. Change is good. With the move, our local neighborhood park will be .24 miles from our house. Our current (old) neighborhood park is three blocks away. Both parks have colorful amenties such as bike paths. Both parks do not offer the same amentities though. Our new park offers two playing fields, cement bike paths around the perimeter, cement picnic benches, dumpsters, and lots of manicured green grass. Our current (old) parke offers, two big ponds, music shelter, ducks, geese, fishing and a golf course. I am torn. I like both though very much and am excited to get to know this new park.

Our Old Park

Our New Park


saffry said...

Seems like another sign that you're shifting from Urban life to the 'burbs. It looks like the new park has a lot of family amenities, while the old spot was better for romantic picnics for two. Have you tried jogging there yet?

painterjoy said...

Oh, Dave, do you know how incredibly blessed you are to even have a park near you? You will love the new park! Congratulations on your beautiful new home!

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