Tuesday, April 24

Go the Distance...usatf.com

If you are like me, and have had running routes that take you around neighborhoods, through parks, around corners, into parking lots, up and down stairs and taking shortcuts while on a run, and you figure, "yeah, I think I am running 6 miles" but when you try to drive it, you are frustrated by the complexity of driving the car down stairs, pulling into parking lots and backing out...it just doesn't cut it, does it?

Try this. It's awesome. It works off of Google Maps or Google Earth. You can trace your route anywhere in world/usa. I have driven an easy route, and also mapped it with this program and it is darn close. I actually realized yesterday with this program that I have been running a longer distance at lunch than previously thought. Around 4 miles instead of 3.3. Give it a test drive.
You can switch from Maps to Satellite too, if you need to see street names.


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