Tuesday, April 17

A Cleaner Household Killer

Yesterday morning I woke up, took a shower, and dipped into the bathroom closet for my daily skin care routine of Paula's Choice - skin recovery super antioxidant concentrate and essential moisturizing sunscreen spf 15 with antioxidants, as I always do every morning. After I had applied the super antioxidant concentrate I applied the sunscreen, and went back into the bathroom to do the other thing I always do....put on deoderant. Anyway, as I was staring in to the mirror, my eyes started burning like someone had thrown me down and rubbed cut onions in my eyes. It was painful. I had never experienced that before from the face lotions, so I immediately tried washing out my eyes, to no avail. Well, I thought I would get dressed and give it a few more minutes. I even went outside for some fresh air but that only temporarilty helped. Once dressed and ready for work, I went back into the bathroom and my eyes were still burning more, so I went into the kitchen and washed out my eyes and face. It seemd to dissipate a bit so I made breakfast and went to the bus stop.

About 20 minutes after I got to work, Christy called, as she usually does, and we were discussing house stuff. She mentions that her eyes are bugging her worse today than before. She has allergies so that was not too surprising. So she said she was going to do the netti pot and see what happens.

I should also mention that yesterday, the dogs eyes were red and watery as well, so we had given them baths not only because of their eyes, but because they stunk. Like skunks.

Last night when I got home, my eyes immediately started burning again. We went through house trying to see if we could find the source. I was convinced it was something inside the home and not nature's way of putting pain into our lives, so I kept searching. We thought , maybe it was something on the moving boxes scattered all over the house. So I removed them. Maybe it was the new Lush soap we had used earlier that morning. In the trash it went. Still burning. We isolated it to either the office of the bathroom. So Christy said, maybe it's the trash, so I grabbed the office trashcan and the bathroom one.

THEN, I remembered. Sunday morning I had taken the urnial cake (chlorine puck) that you put in your toilet tank to dissinfect the bowl, out of the tank and thrown it in the trash and had planned on dumping the trash but our guests came over and I forgot. Well, I walked to the kitchen, by this time, when I opened the trashcan lid, I could barely keep my eyes open and almost passed out. I dropped the can and ran outside. Literally seconds before passing out. I didn't however pass out but came too close for comfort. I finally got the "puck" into the trash, washed it out, baking soda'd the hell out of it, dried it and set it outside to air out. We had opened the doors and windows anyway so this helped air out the house.

This is a public service announcement to remind you NOT to ever throw those chlorine pucks in the trash. Keep them in the water if you must, but from now on, we in Team Gannon are going to just do a better job of cleaning the toilet instead of using a lazy puck. Oh, by the way, it was not the Chlorox Puck, it was the Target generic puck. I am also feeling guilty for putting my wife and dogs health at such risk all day. Sorry.

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