Thursday, March 22

Runner's World

I have been running fairly regularly since about mid-September. Since beginning to run at lunch I have gone from running on the treadmill 2.4 miles at a pace of 5.4-5.8, to running outside and am up to about 8.2 miles on the weekends. During the week, I either run inside on the treadmill now at a pace of 5.8-6.5 with sprints of 7.4 with an incline of 1.5. And when it is nice outside, like it has been for the past week, I have been running on the Cherry Creek Bike Path (CCBP) about 3.6 miles 4 X per week. I have been hitting the weights too, mostly on legs and and some light upper body.

Two days ago my work buddy Walmer and I ran the distance on CCBP and managed to make decent time. He is a much smoother runner than I. He makes it look easy. I know that when I am keeping up with him, he is merely slowing his pace so I can ramble on about life, work and some of the other runners/bikers/walkers we pass. I thought that I would enjoy a running partner, and I do enjoy having someone to talk to and people watch with, but what I have realized is that when I am running, and really catching a groove, I want to jam to my Shuffle playlists and get into the zone (basically Hoobastank) by myself. I never used to run with music, rather wanting to take in the sights and sounds of cars, birds, dogs, smells of urine, clanking of soda and beer cans. But now, with the advent of the iPod shuffle, I prefer to run alone. To any of my running friends reading this, please do not take this personally. If you wish to take a run and think of me, PLEASE call and ask, I most likely will take you up on it though, as I am a social guy who just prefers not to wease as much while running.

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