Thursday, March 29

Glad I didn't box up our shovel

Yes, it's March in Colorado. We got over 5 inches of snow last night and it is still falling. Crazy. Snow is funny that way. When you are expecting it, it is obviously not a shock. But when the forecast says 30% chance of snow showers and a high of 52, you assume there MAY be a slight chance of some flurries but no sticking. Well this morning was different. They are predicting up to 2-4 more inches and it will be snowing for a good part of tonight and tomorrow as well. Hopefully this is Mother Nature's final attempt at sugar-coating our lawns.

1 comment:

saffry said...

Every time I hear about snow in the Rockies now, I think "DG will be so happy".

All our snow is gone now, but I'm not going to put the shovel away until May.

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